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Striding Flamingos is
school based running program focused on a combination of educational, physical, emotional and social development for pre-teen and teen age girls of India. The objectives of the program is to build self-esteem & confidence in the girls through running and preparing for a 5K run. The program runs for 8 weeks with 1-hour sessions once a week.

In each session, the girls will be taught the basics of effective running including warm-up, stretching, self-pacing, and cool-down. The girls will also participate in activities involving creative thinking, role-playing, character-building and listen to short lectures on specific topics like self-image, self-esteem, confidence, leadership, healthy living, fitness and peer pressure - areas critical for the holistic development of girls in the pre-teen and early-teen years. With the combination of learning & activities, the girls will progressively run greater distances every week as they build their endurance. They will also use these skills in everyday life as the program culminates in a team effort to create a work of art.

This program is based on the fact that running empowers body and mind and fosters creative and independent thinking and a positive self image.
It has been developed with inputs from Physical Educators, Psychologist, Physician, Leadership Workshop Coordinator, Runners and Parents. Striding Flamingos aims at providing this program to several schools in Hyderabad and also through out India.


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