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Archives :   - ISH Events - April 2010

To kick start Striding flamingos a Logo & Slogan Designing Competition was organised at the  International Schools of Hyderabad.

Students from grade 6 thru 8 participated with guidance from  Mr Victor-the art director and  Mrs Meera- from the English dept.

The kids participated enthusiastically and came up with colorful creative designs. Prizes were awarded for the winning logos and slogans. Apart

from four main winners, several consolation prizes were awarded  to encourage the spirit of competition and participation.

The prize winners are as follows:    Click to view winning entries

The Hindu Review on the event  more...   See what the participants have to say about the program. Click here

1st prize :          Anuja Veeraghanta  - Grade 6    scan17
2 nd prize:         Christian Ernteme   - Grade 7   scan 18

1 st prize:            Sejal  Mali               - Grade 8   scan 19
2 nd prize:          Chantal  Wake       - Grade 8   scan 20

Consolation prizes winners:

Imaan Hartnett             - # 13 - Grade 8
Irfan Ahmad Rafik        - # 12 - Grade 8
Vinoth Sivapalan           - #  5 - Grade 8
Rohan Soorabuthla       - # 16 - Grade7
Tejus Gangadhar          - #   3 - Grade7
Sofiya Anisa                  - # 14 & 15- Grade 7
Nainika Reddy             - #  9  - Grade 7
Fletcher Smith              - #  6 - Grade7
Cullam Murdoch          - # 10- Grade 7


Mario Aoki                  - # 11 - Grade 6
Shena Soorabuthla       - #  8  - Grade 6
Wiilliam Webb            - #  7 - Grade 6
Maya.Shenoy                - #  4 - Grade 6
Chahat Rana                 - #  2 - Grade 6
Habiba Tahir                - #  1 - Grade 6


       Grand exciting finale of the first ever 8 Week  Striding Flamingo Run Program

Date:   24th April 2010   Time:  9 am onwards

        Venue:  International School of Hyderabad, ICRISAT Campus, Patancheru

        Guest Speaker:  URSKA ANUMANCHI - Kayak Champion and world renowned athlete.

        Certificate of appreciation will be awarded to all the participants. Come, join us in the fun...

         About Urska Anumanchi:

Born in Slovenia, Europe, into a sports enthusiastic family, Urska, was introduced to sports at a young age. She started training Alpine skiing at 6 years and kayaking at 9 years of age and continued to do both till the age of 14. At the age of 14, Urska opted for kayaking and participated in her very first Junior World Championship in Seo d'Urgell, Spain. At the age of 17, Urska placed 3rd in Junior World Championship in Grisson, Switzerland and placed 1st in the European Championship in Spitall, Austria.

She has been a member of Slovene national team for 14 consecutive years and was a Slovene national Champion 10 times. "Traveling widened my horizons immensely during this period of time. Being a sport woman and loving exercise taught me to be in tune with my body through various activities like, swimming, running, squash, mountain climbing etc. My spirit of sportsmanship helped me overcome obstacles, made me strong, fit, happy and most importantly ready to face whatever life served me" says Urska. Urska retired from her professional kayaking career at the age of 24.

Jane Gibbons - Program Coordinator at the International School of Hyderabad
Jane Gibbons
is an Athletics & Counseling Advisor to Striding Flamingos. For the past 8 years, Jane has been teaching psychology to high school students and history & geography to middle school students in the UK, New Zealand and India. Jane is a high school Counselor at the International School of Hyderabad and her role is to assist students find solutions to deal with any social and emotional problems. She is currently pursuing courses in psychology to further enhance her knowledge. Jane is a long distance runner, who uses running to help reduce stress as she focuses on nature, exercising with friends, having fun and feeling satisfied after completing a run. Jane has been engaged with the Striding Flamingos to share with the girls their journey toward self-discovery & empowerment.


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