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 About us:
Striding Flamingos is a dynamic combination of all that we represent - emotional grit, professional excellence, physical fitness and the desire to get girls to lead a fuller, healthier life.

Priya Vaidyanathan is a co-founder of Striding Flamingos. She is a physician by profession and a runner by passion. And she brings these two together in long distance running, where she applies her medical knowledge of the human body to her emotional determination to surmount challenges. Her strong commitment to success has seen Priya win many medals and accolades in her school, medical college and professional career. Working as a specialist doctor in the ICU across India, Canada & Hong Kong, she loves the satisfaction of saving patients from life-threatening diseases. Her communication skills have been crucial to providing hope to patients, motivating them to re-start a healthier life. She has run several 10 km runs, cross-country, half marathons and full marathons all around Asia from 2005. She has also personally contributed to various charitable causes including pro-bono work among tribal patients in rural India.

Indu Vaidyanathan
is a co-founder of Striding Flamingos. An entrepreneur, designer, therapist, parent and a long-distance runner, Indu has a passion for using creative energy to build and develop personal self-image, self-confidence and endurance. As an innovative designer, she is well-versed in listening to and understanding specific client needs, capabilities and desires, and build solutions that exceed client expectations. As a speech therapist, she has motivated young children to overcome challenges to achieve unimaginable goals. As a parent, she has interacted with other parents and understood the challenges faced by pre-teen and early-teen girls. She has coordinated creative workshops in schools and coached Odyssey of the Mind programs. As a long-distance runner in international races for over 10 years, she’s self-trained and she has motivated many women of all ages to take up and develop their running skills and endurance. As a professional with success in multiple careers and running businesses in the US and India, she also possesses the right blend of focus on delivering results, excelling in serving customers and effectively rewarding on investment.

Joseph (Joe) Jawahar
is the Training Program Chief Advisor at Striding Flamingos. Joe is a Learning and Leadership Development consultant and an inspirational trainer. He uses simple & effective teaching techniques that are engaging, motivational and humorous, especially utilizing personality testing in non-intrusive ways to help explore self-image & build self-confidence. Joe has delivered training for clients such as Bank of America, Citibank, Satyam Computer Services, Virtusa, HMRI, Vodafone, Wipro, Tata Infotech, and ICICI Bank. From his several years of training experience in a wide range of industries, Joe has captured the successfully-tested techniques to advise the co-founders of Striding Flamingos to develop a customized program catered to young girls.


Disclaimer: All content of this site cannot be published, modified or distributed in full or part, without the prior written consent of Indu Vaidyanathan and Priya Vaidyanathan.

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